Ever wonder what’s the The Jewelry industry’s hidden secret? Lab stones. These GRA Certified VVS Lab stones are identical to diamonds being made of pure carbon in a lab. Without having to pay all of that extra money to dig up “rare diamonds”. Lab stones are a REAL GEMSTONE and by far the Jewelry industry’s most hidden secret and celebrity secret as well. They have a refractive index much higher than a natural diamond which means they sparkle way more hence music artists love these flashy firey stones for thousands of dollars less. They also have a hardness identical of a natural diamond as well so they will never scratch and sparkle forever. However, We do carry natural diamonds though upon request😎, but you still can ball and outshine anyone in the room with these stones, some people just prefer stones with more fire in them, which our stones have a more shine brilliance coming at 2.65 versus natural stones at  2.42 on the refractive index chart. With everything being said. Choose the highest quality lab stones on the market and the finest real Italian silver, real 14K gold and vermeil. Choose icebybriv.